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About Us

www.stockimagebank.com SIBSA Digital Pvt. Ltd. went live in 2009 with the objective of making life easy for businesses catering to the Indian markets, by creating and distributing, licensed Images with Indian faces for Indian audiences.

With over 14,000 brands in India, almost all businesses need specific visuals to communicate their products and services internally and externally. The business owners of the millennium are more aware. They understand the importance of using copyright protected images, since they do not want to compromise on the ethical standards of their brands. They also understand that their audiences are more aware and reject international images as pass-offs.

India needed its own brand of visuals that showcased the modern, vibrant & growing India. We decided go ahead and do just that ! Create !.

Today, we provide ready to use images online, making sure that businesses focus their time and resources on their core, thus reducing turnaround time, increasing productivity and bringing the image creation costs down to one tenth ! In turn a professionally turned out communication elevates brand levels and improves business for all our clients. With over a million images to search from, we are continuously adding fresh content that in sync with the changing times and business needs.

SIBSA Digital Pvt. Ltd., the parent company that owns the brand www.stockimagebank.com is headquartered in Gurgaon, India. The state-of the-art modern studio, is well equipped with a technologically advanced production setup that only a few can boast of in the country. Additionally, the company offers still shoot assignment services, image restoretouch, specialized image key-wording services and digital asset management services.